Friday, May 19, 2017

What now?

Hello to the few of you who will actually see this post!
Obviously I have not been busy taking pictures much in the past months.
Not because all my sweet friends and friends of friends
didn't  support me anymore, but because I have been on a journey
to become more present in the lives of my children and the man I love
but also whoever I encounter every day.
I have been on a journey to meet my God in a different
way, more powerful than ever before.
To be able to intentionally live each day I have chosen to slow down and
be still more often to be able to listen to God's voice.
Many events in my life in the past two years have brought me to a place
of a deep longing to savour life and the people I love. Business seemed to encourage
the wrong priorities and so I don't feel I should get caught up in too many commitments.
As good as they may be!

I even start considering to put my phone down more often and take my heavy and large
SLR Camera out more often again to capture life and moments of pure joy, laughter, or just the
beauty of mundane every day life and treasure it.

But in all of this I still want to offer to capture pictures of you. If you have any kind of emergency,
can't find a photographer, can't afford expensive professional pictures, or any need
I haven't thought of please feel free to contact me and simply ask. I would love to serve and help if it's possible for me.
I might not be as practiced but hopefully be passionate enough to make up for it.

Thank you to all the people in my life!
I am overwhelmed by the impact of your friendship and support.
May God bless each and everyone of you so deeply that it will have the most
outstanding ripple effects in your life  and change your heart and the hearts
of the people that surround you,


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