Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Every Painting Has A Story...

So, there is a story to this one...
While I was painting it (for the fundraiser last week) I thought quite a couple of times
of my friend Felecia, who wanted me come out to see her bedroom and decide what kind of
painting I could paint for her. 
And having it all ready I looked at it the next day and thought to myself "I should have used more of a fuchsia purple, these purples and blues are pretty rare... I don't think anyone will actually have these colors in their homes..." So, I thought about the possibility to take out my paint again and give it some more of  a the reddish purple hues.
But once you finish a painting and sign it, you REALLY don't want to go over it again!
 So I shrugged and hoped for the best.
When I went to see my friend the next day and saw her house (a beautiful two story country house - beautiful inside and out) I realized, chances are, she won't have anything close to these colors. 
Yeah, you'll probably can guess it: she happens to have exactly these colors in her bedroom!
Greys, beiges, whites, blues, and bluish purples.... !!!!
Well, if that ain't something special!
She took it home the very next day!

And this is what I painted for the fundraiser onto my second canvas instead:

(And I have to admit, I kinda think it goes well with my walls...too bad I couldn't keep this one for myself)