Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Little Ballerina

Not even a year ago I would have been very skeptical of this much 
make up on my now 5 year old baby girl.
But having her in ballet this year, there was not too much of a choice.
So I thought to myself "I might as well make it pretty!"
Well, despite of the professional pictures we get done at the end of the season anyways,
I couldn't resist to take pictures myself. (As you can see ;) )
And I was stunned by her beauty.
Maybe it's because she's my daughter, but I think 
she is the most beautiful little girl.
And I am extremely proud of her, because she is not only beautiful on the outside,
but even more on the inside!
I pray that God will turn her into a gorgeous woman with the wonderful heart
and sensitive character she is already developing.