Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Just fell in love with this gorgeous little baby girl!
What a sweet cupcake she is... ;)

Monday, December 16, 2013


I have been a fairly creative person all of my life. Maybe not as creative as everyone seems to give me credit for, though... I would think it is a passion for the beautiful things around me, that makes me tick the way I do.
But beautiful things can be found in so many areas of life, that a lot of times I almost struggle to settle for just a few areas. It seems, there are a lot of great opportunities to live out this passion and I think that’s what I live for.
So, photography is a one of the most satisfying ways to live my passion. It is very rewarding to capture the beauty of people and their relationships. Just thinking of it, makes my heart beat a little faster.
And that is why a shooting is not just a shooting for me. It’s not meant to be an appointment, where everyone involved tries to be on time, look their best and get it over with. For me it is a moment in people’s life, that I want to capture. I am honored to be like that little mouse in the background that can witness a couple in love, a family in the midst of their business of life, an older couple that had almost forgotten to appreciate those years spent together or a young person’s big step out of school and into a new life. Each of the people I meet, I want to cherish and laugh with. I want them to remember the photo shoot as a great afternoon with each other. A “making memories” moment. I hope that, they will once in a while look at those pictures and just smile to themselves. Cherish it and think of a great time of their life. I also want to show each and every person, how beautiful und special they are. The more people I work with at a shoot the harder it is to do that. But I figure, they wouldn’t ask me, if they thought my work wasn’t meeting their needs, right? ;)
So a lot of times I will encourage people to bring along something special and dear to them. I tell them to think out of the box, be creative and open. We’ve had so much fun with hauling out a couch into the fields, dragging chairs back and forth and simply showing off that engagement ring does the trick as well.
I chose informal natural light photography, which means I don’t use backdrops and flashlights and a lot of equipment. I treasure authentic and natural pictures, that tell a story of their own and most of all to make people happy!